Featured In Grays Lane Magazine

April 9, 2015

I first met Casey Pradelli last year when she approached me about photographing her garden. I responded to her e mail quickly, as flowers are one of my most favorite subjects, and jumped in the car to do a drive by of her Haverford property. I knew immediately upon arrival that I wanted the job and began photographing even before Casey arrived. Roses of all colors and sizes climbed the exterior of the four year renovation project Casey and her husband have recently completed. Huge snowball like hydrangea swayed in the warm summer breeze mixing unexpectedly well with perfectly placed succulents I found in the shaded pea pebble garden towards the rear of the house. Over whelmed with inspiration from the garden alone, I knew the inside must be equally as beautiful. I found myself peeking into the windows of the sun porch desperate to see more.

Casey happily agreed and gave me the tour I was so hoping for.. Inside I discovered a happy mix of west coast roots and elaborate vintage finds. She floated from room to room casually describing what went into rehabbing the 5000 square foot home and with each turn of a corner I discovered something more about the multi- talented BHHS agent, mother of two with a passion for garden design and an addiction to “fixer uppers”….TO READ MORE OF THE ARTICLE CLICK HERE

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I’m Honored to be Featured in Garden Design!

September 3, 2014

I’m very excited and honored to be featured in Garden Design’s online publication. They featured my personal garden which has been and still is a labor of love. While I enjoy all aspects of making a home…buying, selling, rehabbing, design, and garden design…I have to say that planting a garden is my passion. 


With an affinity for roses, Casey Pradelli knew she had to surround her newly purchased, Haverford, Pennsylvania, home with them. As her husband restored the interior of their late 1800s home, Casey focused on the exterior of the half-acre property.

Not one to follow “the gardening rules,” Casey posted an ad online offering up all the existing bushes on the property, free to anyone who wanted to dig them up and set out to plant her rose garden in front of the house. “The neighbors thought I was crazy! But they thought I was more crazy when I told them I was planting a rose garden in the front planting bed,” shares Casey. “They were surprised that I was planning a rose garden in the front instead of the back.” Little did her neighbors know, she knew what she was doing. “I started my tiny rose garden 13 years ago at my old home. My planting bed was only 2 feet deep and 15 feet long, but I managed to pack in 20 or so roses along with perennials to hide their “ugly legs.” Needless to say, those once skeptical neighbors now enthusiastically look forward to spring each year. READ MORE HERE

Rehab Addict

August 3, 2014

I’m a rehab addict but I’m also a real estate agent. I find that the best gift I can give to my clients, whether buying or selling, is my knowledge of rehabbing homes. In older markets, in particular, I think it’s important that your agent is knowledgable about the ins and outs of the rehab projects you might have, now and in the near future. In the long run it will save you time and money. Here are a few of my recent rehab projects…..

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Landscaping…does it add value?

March 25, 2014

HomeGain recently surveyed 500 real estate professionals nationwide to determine where you get the most bang for your buck in low cost, do-it-yourself home improvements. Guess what scored in the top 5? Landscaping! I am a gardener at heart and a firm believer that homes with great curb appeal sell quicker. HomeGain claims you can make a whopping 215% return on your investment!

While most of us don’t live in a stone mansion overflowing with hydrangea, there are still cost effective ways to jazz up your landscaping and add big time curb appeal! Below are my top 5 low cost ideas:





For maximum effect I like to use one color of the same plant or a variety of plants in the same color. For example, wave petunias in all blue look fantastic with blue lobelia peeking out below. Above Deborah Silver from Dirt Simple used purple wave petunias to create striking curb appeal.



It doesn’t take much to add a few great urns filled with boxwoods to the front porch. 



It’s well worth the investment to have a landscaping company come out to edge out the planting beds, mulch, weed, weed whack, etc. In particular right before you put your house on the market. 



If you’re landscape has a ton of mature shrubs that rarely bloom and always look unkempt , get rid of them. Out with the old and in with the new! The quickest way to maximum impact is with landscape roses & boxwood. First, they’re both reasonably priced and readily available at big box stores. Secondly, they’re incredibly easy to maintain once they’re established. A simple dead heading of the roses on occasion will keep them blooming well past any other flowing shrub in the garden. And lastly, bigger is always better! A couple of petunias planted in a sea of mulch will not add beauty and curb appeal to your home. Larger bushes and flowering shrubs will anchor your planting bed and then the petunias can be added to the front of the border for that extra pop of color.


Guess What’s Going in at the Old Waterloo Garden location?

This is exciting news! However, I might need to get a part-time job. The incredibly talented team at Urban Outfitters is opening what they call “Devon Yard”. The $100 million dollar complex will house Terrain (Urban’s incredibly successful garden center), Anthropologie, a boutique hotel, two restaurants, and complimentary shops & amenities. If you’ve had the chance to visit Terrain in Glen Mills then you know how amazing this place is going to be! It is said that Devon Yard will be superior to anything in the area and quite possibly one of the best lifestyle shopping centers in the country. When we think of lifestyle shopping centers we think of J Crew and Starbucks. This is so much more than that! Think 6.5 acres of Anthropologie style for the home & garden as well as a boutique hotel and a farm-to-table restaurant! Look for Devon Yard Spring 2015. This is Terrain..

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Food Trucks In Ardmore!

Food trucks are the newest addition to the wildly popular Clover Market in Ardmore! The Clover Market is a seasonal open-air market located on Lancaster off of Rittenhouse Place. It features 100+ vendors selling everything from antiques & collectibles to vintage jewelry & art. The next market is scheduled for April 27th.

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Prepare Your Home to Sell This Spring

This Spring is set to be a very lively home-selling season. The debilitating effects of Old Man Winter  forced sellers to hold off on listing their homes. Meanwhile, pent-up buyers want to act before interest rates and home prices rise. If you intend to list your home this Spring there are things you can do now that will put you ahead of the game.


1. Paint your walls a warm neutral color. When I’m listing a property, one of the first things I do is walk through the property with my client and list items that need to be addressed prior to putting the property on the market. Paint is always at the top of my list because it’s the least expensive way to make a big impact. When you’re selling your home you have to leave behind your personal preference for paint colors and go neutral. When I say neutral I don’t mean the neutral from 10 years ago, which was cream and beige. The NEW neutral is gray. While you may love your yellow French country kitchen, young hip buyers will not. They want a warm, pale gray with crisp white moldings. Here’s my latest rehab project, notice the pale gray walls and crisp white wainscoting….

2. Pack up and store your personal belongings. This is usually where I get the most resistance from sellers. Let me explain….buyers have a very difficult time seeing past your personal belongings. They don’t want to see your family photos because they need to imagine themselves living in the home. They don’t want to see your toiletries on the bathroom vanity because it makes them think the house is messy. I know this is difficult because you still have to live in your home while you’re selling it. My suggestion is to use plastic totes to store items below the vanity neatly and out of sight. Additionally you can fill large plastic totes with kids toys, winter coats, extra bedding or any other household item that you won’t be using during the listing process. These items can be stored neatly in a basement or garage. The goal is to make your home look as much like a new construction show home as possible….neat, organized, stylish, and welcoming.

3. Amp up your curb appeal. My past clients will tell you that I’m a stickler for curb appeal. On more than one occasion a client has peeked out their window only to find me planting flowers or filling their window boxes. Bigger is better when it comes to curb appeal! Big pots overflowing with petunias flanking your front door is far better than a couple of puny pots with a flower or two. Don’t plant one flat of pansies, plant five. Additionally, paint the front door an eye popping red and make sure the lawn is neat and tidy.

4. Change the things you hate (within reason). Make a list of the items that bother you about your home and try to change them. For example if you don’t have a mud room, coats and shoes are piled at the front door, think of a creative way to change it. If it bothers you, you can be sure it will bother a buyer. Take a look at these creative ideas for adding a mud room….